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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of ProAdjuster Chiropractic Clinic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Samuel Stramara

Relaxed Feeling

Love that Dr. Sam followed up personally with us to check to see how my daughter’s knee and ankle were feeling 2 days after our visit. Very relaxed feeling while we were there, everything was explained to us as he went through exam, etc. Would definitely recommend the office to my family and friends! Thank You!

Cheryl K.

Migraine Headaches and Neck Pain

I sought chiropractic care due to severe migraine headaches and was overall not feeling my best. I felt tired and “under the weather” quite a bit. I also had severe tension and pain in my shoulders and neck. I love the ProAdjuster. It is completely non-invasive, not time consuming and considerably inexpensive compared to my medical doctor bills. I am not taking a bunch of pills and it helps my overall health, not just concentrating on one area. I don’t need to see three different specialists in three different doctor offices. I have the luxury of seeing one specialist that can help treat my health challenges with ease. My care has exceeded my expectations. I never would have guessed that seeing a chiropractor would have changed my overall health. I no longer receive headaches, I hardly ever have neck and shoulder pain, I am no longer tired all the time and I rarely feel “under the weather” anymore. Would I would recommend Dr. Stramara to family and friends? Definitely, of course. In think everything about the office is professional, courteous and friendly. I don’t ever hesitate to ask a question. They are always there to help.

Carolyn W.

Injury and Illness

I seek Pro-Adjuster chiropractic care to keep my body functioning at as high of a level as possible and treat injuries that occur by the wear and tear of my lifestyle. I prefer the Pro-Adjuster over other traditional chiropractic care because it is less combative with the body. My visits to the medical doctors have been reduced after seeking chiropractic care for the past six years. If I have an injury or illness, I turn to chiropractic first.

Kirk W.


Our daughter Morgan at age 7, had been diagnosed with ADHD and hesitantly attempted treatment with a stimulant medication that she reacted to. She also suffers from a cognitive delay and some balance/gait issues. We followed Dr. Sam’s recommended care plan that included supplementing with Magnesium. Because of the Pro-Adjuster, I could see the progress she was making by seeing the pre and post spinal scans. The improvement in her behavior and balance was remarkable. Her teachers noticed increased attention span and less fidgeting. Her gait is far more coordinated and she can run without falling now. With an impressive history of ear infections, she has not had an ear infection since starting under care. My hope would be that this treatment would be the first choice when health concerns arise, rather than the last, as was our case, when all else failed. We could’ve possibly made a difference to Morgan earlier.

Nicki W.

Better Health

I was seeking chiropractic care because I wanted better health. I also wanted to avoid medical doctors. I did not want to take drugs to heal my problems. I think the Pro-Adjuster is better than any other method of chiropractic. Seeing the scan takes the guesswork out and treats the correct areas that need adjusting. The care I received has met my expectations and overall, has improved my back.

Dorothy G.


I sought out chiropractic care to help deal with my children’s allergies, as well as to help the back pain that I have had for as long as I can remember. I love the Pro-Adjuster. It’s relaxing -almost meditating for me. I don’t have to think about the surprise “pop” or “crack”. My adjustments last long and are deeper into the muscle tissue. It’s great!!! The treatment we have gotten has exceeded my expectations. I brought my kids here 7 or 8 years ago with allergies and many medications from the pediatrician and allergist. Every year with the continued treatments by Dr. Sam, they have gotten better. This year the allergist took them off all their meds. I can’t be happier for them. I always recommend Dr. Sam to anyone who wants to know who is the best chiropractor.

Sue J.

Neck Pain

I needed chiropractic care for my neck, mid & lower back pain as well as my legs, feet, and shoulders too! I would give the Pro-Adjuster an A+++. I wasn’t a fan of the force that was needed at times to re-adjust certain areas of my mid- back & neck—I have had great results with the Pro-adjuster and am very pleased overall. The care I have gotten has exceeded my expectations. I can’t believe how much Dr. Sam cares about his patients and how far he is willing to go to help us. I have already recommended Dr. Stramara to my family and friends.

Kathy B.

Ear Infections

We decided that general pediatric care was not meeting our daughter’s needs. She had approximately 30 ear infections, was taking prescribed antibiotics constantly, and had three sets of tubes surgically placed in her ears all by the age of 5. Since her first visit, when she had a perforated eardrum, we have been extremely happy with the treatment plan Dr. Sam has established. He provided nutritional suggestions and supplemental materials to educate us on chiropractic care. We were extremely skeptical of treating ear infections through chiropractic care, but now we wished we would have started the visits earlier on. Our daughter has been free of antibiotics for over two years.

Carrie P.

Intense Pain

I wanted chiropractic care for relief of intensity of everyday pain. I have received enormous benefits. I realize I shouldn’t have to live with pain dictating my life thanks to Dr. Stramara. Twelve years of the traditional medical field had me taking daily multiple meds and living with more pain than I have now without meds. The Pro-Adjuster is very gentle and able to help my neck where previous adjustments couldn’t. I have my life back! I don’t just live to make it to work the next day.

Sue P.

Leg Pain

I sought chiropractic care for very bad leg pain. My experience at Dr. Stramara’s office exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at what the Pro-Adjuster did for me after only two treatments. I have been virtually pain free since then.

Vickie B.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I sought out a chiropractor due to a great deal of radiating pain in my neck and shoulders that was limiting my flexibility in those areas. Prior to my first visit with Stramara Chiropractic, I was not familiar with the name or techniques of the Pro-Adjuster. As my treatments progressed and I read the informational material that was provided to my, I continue to be impressed by the method of treatment—pain-free and limited physical contact—computer-based technology that provides comfort and, more importantly, results. Within weeks I not only had flexibility in my neck area but there was no more tingling in my fingers. (I was sure I had carpel-tunnel syndrome.) Most recently Pro-Adjuster treatments and some all-natural eardrops cured an ear problem that resulted from a cold. I feel better now than I have for over a year and all without medications or uncomfortable tests. I have been so pleased with the treatments and care by Dr. Stramara, his staff and the Pro-Adjuster that I recommend them to my family and friends.

Wanda U.

Pain Relief and Optimal Health

I am seeking chiropractic care for optimal health and to rid myself of a lot of pain. The Pro-Adjuster is really a miracle. It lets the Dr. and the patient see what really is happening with your body. Having chiropractic care for 48 years and seeing Dr. Stramara for 4 months, the Pro-Adjuster will be the only chiropractic treatment for me. The professional care I have received from Dr. Stramara and his staff has been outstanding. Dr. Stramara takes time to listen, is very, very caring, and will give you good advice on doing exercises on your own. The staff is very considerate, friendly. The care I have received has exceeded my expectations. I’ve told many people about Dr. Stramara and have recommended him to family and friends. I wish everyone who needs chiropractic care would see Dr. Stramara and treated by the Pro-Adjuster.

Sylvia S.

Low Back and Neck Pain

I am seeking chiropractic care for relief of lower back pain and neck pain. I have seen chiropractors for approximately 50 years. The Pro-Adjuster is less invasive than the old way of adjusting and I believe you bounce back quicker and with less pain. Everyone in Dr. Stramara’s office cares about you and your health. Dr. Stramara has the most professional and knowledgeable staff in the business. I recommend the Pro-Adjuster to anyone I meet that is currently seeing another chiropractor. I suggest they visit with Dr. Stramara. He has brought quality of life back to me. I truly believe the Pro-Adjuster Chiropractic Clinic is doing a great service to the community and of course to the patients of Dr. Stramara. I am very happy with my care.

Roger C.

Relief from Aches and Pain

I am under chiropractic care to get relief from aches and pains and to promote a good health. I was used to the “hands on” technique for many years and was skeptical that the “ProAdjuster” tool could accomplish much. I was pleasantly surprised at the results and discovered I had less soreness after the treatments. My care has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Sam really cares about helping people lead healthier lives.

Gloria L.


I sought chiropractic care for my chronic neck pain/stiffness accompanied with headaches. The ProAdjuster is more precise and less invasive than other chiropractic hands-on techniques. The care at this office has exceeded my expectation because of the whole body approach. Including nutrition, orthotics suggested stretches/exercise and supplements. The core issues are dealt with in an all-encompassing approach. I would and have recommended Dr. Stramara to friends and family. I will continue to do so because I have not before received such total care from a chiropractor until seeing him. He has changed my health in such a holistic and positive way. Everything at the ProAdjuster Chiropractic clinic is positive, warm and welcoming.

Sue G.

Low Back Pain

I am under chiropractic care for lower back pain. I have not experienced any other chiropractic technique, but I did get more relief from the ProAdjuster than from physical therapy. The care has met my expectations and I think you are very professional and do a wonderful job!

Cathy E.

Low Back Pain

With a history of lower back pain, even surgery didn’t permanently fix my problem. I sought chiropractic care again for my low back pain, exactly one year after surgery. I am not sure how the Pro-Adjuster works, I just know that it does. The care I received at Stramara Chiropractic exceeded my expectations. It only took one adjustment to improve how I was feeling. Other chiropractic clinics I’ve been to, it took up to 5-6 visits before improvement. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Stramara to my family and friends.

Becky M.