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Meet Dr. Samuel Stramara

As a twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Time and time again our clinic manages health challenges that do not respond to conventional medical treatment. And one by one our clients gain appreciation what a chiropractic lifestyle can do for them.

Dr. Samuel Stramara and his family portrait photo

My Chiropractic Journey

My personal experience with chiropractic comes from injuries related to sports as a youth. I experienced knee, shoulder and lower back injuries which responded very well to chiropractic treatment. I was able to avoid over the counter medication and prescription medication from an early age.

My chiropractor played for the Denver Broncos and appeared in Super Bowl XII. I eventually job shadowed in his clinic for a summer and was intrigued with chiropractic. I remember a discussion with him one day in which we were discussing prescription medications. He commented how he preferred to treat injuries naturally without drugs.

He made the comment that medications in small doses are generally tolerated by the body but the same medication at a higher dose can kill you (my thought was “YIKES!!! How can that be good for you?…even at small doses”). Something I never heard before, but it stuck.

Prior to this I grew up in the medical model of thinking about my health. Have a symptom … take a pill. As the years passed I gained interest in studying the human body and how it functions. The combination of my personal experience with chiropractic and the encouragement from some close friends over the years inspired my desire to choose chiropractic as a career. The challenges have been many and the rewards have been great. I cannot think of another career choice that could be as fulfilling.

Dr. Stramara’s Chiropractic Education

I completed 4 years of undergraduate study at Millersville University in Pennsylvania in 1990, after which I moved to Davenport, Iowa to begin my chiropractic studies.

I graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1994. I chose Palmer because it was the first chiropractic school in the country and for the quality education.

My post graduate studies have included continuing education courses in nutrition, pain management and whiplash injuries.

On a Personal Note

I am married to my beautiful wife Candy (she is from Iowa). We have been blessed with 4 wonderful children: Laken, Olivia, Drake and Graham. I am originally from southeastern Pennsylvania. Therefore, I am an avid Phillies and Eagles fan. I have been a transplant to Wisconsin for long enough I have now adopted the Packers and Brewers as favorites as well. My biggest challenge is when they meet head-to-head. Sorry, but I always root for my childhood teams.

We have lived in Watertown since the Fall of 1996. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, following my favorite sports teams, reading, golfing, boating, and fishing.

Chiropractic and nutrition are important aspects of my life, including my family’s. I offer my clients the same insights I have learned over the years and employ personally.

Reach Out to Us Today

Thanks for visiting our site. I consider myself an excellent listener and I would be honored to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. We also offer a complimentary Tour Visit of our office. This gives you a chance to check out our state-of-the-art technologies and meet with me briefly. Call or email our office today to explore your options.

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